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Euphoric Euphoric

Glad to find this comm. Got into Speed Grapher when I caught "Goddess of Greed" on IFC, and have since then obtained and viewed the whole series.

Anyway, I agree with the person a few posts back--there's not much fanart for the show. So I tried my hand at it. This one notion, described below, came into my head one day, and after toying with it for a while it birthed the idea for a series of sketches that at the moment I refer to as "Euphoric Euphoric." I tried to consider those who might come across it but not be familiar with the series when I wrote the intro, such as the explanation of what a Euphoric is, so forgive me if some of the information seems unnecessary.

The textual speculation contains mentions of fetishes, a slight slashy spin, and spoilers for the show but the illo itself is completely innocent.

eu-phor′ic adj. to experience a feeling of well-being
eu-phor′ic n. in the animé Speed Grapher an individual who has experienced “the Goddess’s Blessing”, activating the Euphoria Virus and flushing out supernatural abilities 

Today's subject is a Euphoric (adj.) Euphoric (n.) and the question of what makes a Euphoric (n.) Euphoric (adj.).  By Euphoric (n.) I refer to one in particular, the character Tsujido.

Tsujido interests me in that he is one of the few animé characters I’ve encountered, whose sex I wasn’t at first sure of—which, taking into account the androgyny of many an animé character isn’t all that bad all things considered. In this case I blame the low cut of his outfit; I thought the pectoral muscles might be cleavage but waited until I heard him speak just to be sure (which is more than I can say of some UK website reviewing one of the DVDs, that kept referring to him as her and comparing him to Ginza in describing the tenacity of both “women.” Tenacious, he is. Female, he is not). But that was just the first impression. What interested me about Tsujido overall was his mad loyalty to Suitengu, comparable to that of Itsuki to Sensui in Yu Yu Hakusho or of Soi to Nakago in Fushigi Yuugi. I like that sort of character, a lot, and that’s a large factor in why this character is my favorite in the series.

When a person becomes a Euphoric they experience changes inside and out. A lot of them are physical abilities such as diamond skin in one case or the ability to make one’s blood into a weapon in another. These can be turned on and off and aren’t perceptible when in the off mode. Others are more mental or primal. Most if not all of the Euphorics presented in the show are some degree of insane and most are wanting in self-control. It’s also implied that Euphorics either don’t have or don’t feel the same pleasure from sex that a normal person would, as Tsujido supplies that “[q]uite simply, a Euphoric needs something very different to get off.” Examples include polishing teeth and punching numbers.

In the case of the featured Euphoric the “something” is scent. In episode 16, “Audit the Wicked,” Tsujido explains, “Smell has its own language; it excites me in a way nothing else can.” This isn’t so different from the common fetishes that many average people have, except that Tsujido’s sense of smell is considerably more heightened. Scent is sexy, yes; but is there any one scent that is sexier than others?

Probably, and that’s the scent of the man whom Tsujido is always featured either attending or off doing things for, Suitengu. In a flashback portraying the two’s first meeting, the first comment from Tsujido on Suitengu is to remark on his scent, and as the series draws to a close, when given the option to leave Suitengu’s service and live or remain and probably die, Tsujido chooses the latter option (and does die), citing his admiration of the other man’s scent as one of his motives. I think this might be his unique way of making a declaration of love, but I’ve also joked that he wears such low-cut outfits as a visual appeal to Suitengu to grope him, so I can’t be wholly impartial when I draw that inference. (Not that that’s really deterred my belief in that interpretation at all ^^)

So the fetish is scent and the prized scent is Suitengu’s. What, then, does the featured Euphoric do off-scene when he’s not in Suitengu’s company or running errands for him, and has a bit of alone time? What does the Euphoric do to “get off”, to feel Euphoric? I was entertaining this notion one day, and concluded that it would probably be something like a piece of Suitengu’s clothing, something that would have his scent on it. Dirty clothing would probably be preferable over clothing that’s just been washed because the scent would be more concentrated. Beyond this I decided that some things would be more desirable over others because of how much more scent would have pervaded it. Underwear and socks would be more potent than a shirt, for example; and things that would have been used repeatedly before being cleaned, such as bedsheets, towels, or shoes.

This thought put some amusing images into my head, and I’ve decided to convert the mental into a series of physical images, the first of which is featured here:

Euphoric Euphoric by ~thoth-moon on deviantART

Illustration made with colored pencil and pastels, oil and soft. (Scanner’s really nice to the soft pastels, I’ve noticed. It almost doesn’t tweak their coloring at all when scanning the picture in.) I wanted it to be authentic so I had my sister pose with a pair of jeans and a jacket (many thanks, Amanda!), and then arranged a still life of laundry. More depictions of the Euphoric Euphoric to follow.
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